Give your customers a unique experience

Your contactless solution:
Scan the QR code, order, and pay from your mobile.

It's that simple.

Why Maakyo?
Why Maakyo?

Why Maakyo?

Integrate directly with your POS (Tiller, Zelty, Ikentoo, or others)

Turn over tables more quickly

Adhere to local regulations for COVID-19

Increase sales volume, up to 30%

Avoid long lines and wait times for your customers

Reduce operating costs

Update your menu in real time and promote new items

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The 1.5 meter economy

Covid-19 has forever changed the way people consume and how restaurants interact with their customers. Maakyo is keeping the new social distancing norms in mind while creating an innovative solution for a paperless and contactless restaurant experience.


A simple QR Code

Your customers scan a QR code to get access to our web app. No need to download another app, simply scan, order, and pay. It's that easy.

Seamless integration

We integrate with your POS so you don't have to worry about changing over another solution. Currently, we partner with Tiller Systems and Zelty, with additional integrations coming soon.

Fast and secure payments

Simply allow your customers to pay through the web app, to ensure a more seamless customer experience.

More time with your customers

You and your team will be able to focus on what's most important for your business: spending time with your customers and sharing the food and drinks you are passionate about.

Your new contactless solution

Maakyo is available for the hospitality industry - we work with many bars, restaurants, food trucks, and hotels.

Contact us to learn how we can help elevate your business.

Display your latest menu digitally, so your customers can see what you have on offer

Your customers can order direct from their their mobile device, without physical interaction

Allow your customers to pay directly through the web app when they're ready


The best plan for your business

Our flexible pricing plans ensure we have a solution for companies of every size


  • Digital menu

  • Your own QR code

  • Your menu optimised for mobile navigation

  • Your own logo and storefront

  • Your own products photos

  • Access to a Backoffice to edit your menu

  • Hosed in our secure server

  • Support: email

  • Your menu connected to your POS

  • Integration of your menu your POS

  • Access our back-office to change in second your QR Code

  • Support: email

monthly payments

  • Uppon requests

  • Customize

  • All features from PREMIUM Pack

  • Support: email + phone

Ready to get started?

Maakyo's innovative solution allows you to give your customers the best experience. We can get you up and running within a few days with these simple steps:


1. Sign up for Maakyo

Contact us and fill out the form to tell us about your business. Due to the current demand, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

2. Integrate with your POS

We provide you guidance on how to seamlessly integrate Maakyo with your POS solution.

3. Receive your QR codes

We provide personalised QR codes to be displayed on your tables, windows, bar tops, or wherever you would like.

4. Take orders and get paid

Your solution is ready to provide the ultimate customer experience. Start taking orders and receiving payments.